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General Leadership

Finding Clarity, Focus & Confidence

Frazzled. Frenetic. Frayed. Fatigued. Fog.

Too often these kinds of words describe the head and heart space of Christian leaders.

After all, this type of head and heart space easily breeds in hectic ministry and work environments. When there are non-stop competing demands, constant and chaotic changes, and complex decisions to navigate, it follows that leaders find themselves scattered, unfocused and eventually worn down.

Thankfully, Jesus points us to a different way. Continue Reading

Integrate: Jesus-Centered Leadership

Integrate is about cultivating more Jesus-centered leaders. Covering three themes, each including an 8-minute video and guided conversation, this resource provides an engaging platform for leadership teams, boards, small groups, Bible studies and peer mentoring groups to have transformational discussions around the Leader of leaders – Jesus.

Included in your purchase: 4 video downloads, PDF resource guide and PowerPoint presentation

Watch the Integrate Trailer now . . . Continue Reading

10 Little Ideas That Could Pay Big Dividends In 2018

| General Leadership, To The Point | Comments Off on 10 Little Ideas That Could Pay Big Dividends In 2018

A new year is a great chance for a fresh start. It’s an opportunity to try new things and set new rhythms. The little ideas that follow won’t be found on a list of “Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions” but they are simple, practical and could pay big dividends in the year ahead:

1) Walking Meetings

Walking together can increase openness, add more energy and return you to the office feeling fresher with a few calories burned. (Disclaimer: For those of you in northern climates, this idea will sound more appealing in spring).

Here’s a link to a great Ted Talk on Walking Meetings (click here) Continue Reading

Silence the Unhealthy Soundtracks in Your Head

| General Leadership, To The Point | Comments Off on Silence the Unhealthy Soundtracks in Your Head

Have you ever had trouble getting a song out of your head?

It can easily happen after you’ve heard a few notes from your kids’ favorite Disney movie soundtrack. The same goes for the commercial with the catchy jingle or that overplayed song on the radio. Before you know it, you are humming along and then you can’t seem to stop what becomes an endless loop! You can drive yourself crazy!

If you can relate, then you probably understand what it feels like to get a particular thought stuck in your head. For Christian leaders, these thoughts are usually negative, take on a life of their own and most definitely hold leaders back. Continue Reading

6 Keys to Developing Others (from the Best Book I’ve Found)

| General Leadership, To The Point | Comments Off on 6 Keys to Developing Others (from the Best Book I’ve Found)

When I’m asked to recommend resources on developing others, my first response often surprises people. My go-to book has been around a long time! It’s the Bible’s 1 Thessalonians. Written by the Apostle Paul around AD 52, this short letter powerfully illustrates Paul’s heart and practice in developing people. It’s simple, practical and profound.

Here are six keys from 1 Thessalonians that will guide, challenge and encourage you in developing others: Continue Reading

Leader, Drop Your Net

Remember when you “left your net?”

At once they left their nets and followed him” (Matt. 4:20, NIV).

A curious thing has been happening with me lately. I have begun to pick up my net again. 

Let me explain. I am soon turning forty. This represents almost nineteen years since God first invited me to drop my net and follow him into vocational ministry. I remember the moment like it was yesterday. I walked away from a corporate career to take a youth pastor role in a church that boasted just three teenagers in their youth group. This response of saying yes to Jesus instantly reduced my salary by 60%. 

Dropping my net created the need to navigate the dismay of loved ones who had invested in my education to boost my corporate career. My “yes” to Jesus also meant relocating to a tiny two traffic light city in a county – seemingly a land that time had forgotten. Yet, I did it all with a smile. In saying “yes” to Jesus I was full of hope, expectation, passion to change the world and a resolve to endure whatever would come my way.

So, what happened? Continue Reading

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