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The Power of First Impressions

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We had just moved across the country with our two small children. We didn’t know anyone in the area besides my new ministry colleagues at Arrow Leadership. We longed for community and eagerly wanted to get connected to a local church.

Here’s what happened on the first Sunday morning in our new city:

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Mentoring Question – August


What are you taking away from our time together?

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This question encourages a mentee to intentionally reflect on the mentoring conversation by externalizing what has been going on internally. This helps the mentee to process, distill and begin to apply their mentoring experience.

For the mentor, hearing the mentee’s response can provide a helpful feedback gauge (i.e. ‘was anything helpful?’) and give specific (and sometimes needed) encouragement for the mentor. It also allows opportunity to learn more about how the mentee processes as well as a real-time window to clarify anything that was misunderstood or needs follow-up.

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Two Overlooked Meeting Maximizers

Meetings matter. The costs (time and money) are sizable.  The potential significant.

For leaders, there is only one thing worse than being part of a bad meeting – leading one.

Since meetings are a primary platform for moving ministries and organizations forward, leaders need to be highly skilled at the art of leading them.

With a new fall season of meetings quickly approaching, I wanted to share two meeting maximizers that are often overlooked: Continue Reading

An Unforgettable Olympic Moment

It’s an unforgettable Olympic moment.

At the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Great Britain’s Derek Redmond had advanced to the 400 meter semi-final. It had been four long years since an Achilles injury forced a last minute pull out from his heat at the Seoul Olympics. He endured multiple operations in his recovery and battled back to be part of the 1991 World Champion 4×400 team. But, after logging the fastest time in the first round and winning his quarter-final heat, this Olympics seemed like his moment. Continue Reading

Feeling Deflated? Six Questions To Help…

It’s not just tires. Leaders can ‘lose air ‘ too.

Intense demands, overwhelming expectations and the daily challenges of leading can easily conspire to emotionally deflate a leader.

The symptoms are short-term (unlike an on-going and much more serious depression).  They include feeling down, lower energy, being negative or irritable, clouded thinking, sensitivity to fears and many more.

Six Questions To Ask Yourself When You Are Feeling Flat Continue Reading

Developing Rhythms for Rest and Renewal

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Is rest and renewal a regular rhythm in your life?


God has punctuated time by establishing day and night, specific seasons, special celebrations and Sabbath. Developing similar rhythms for our lives and specifically for rest is biblical and life-giving.

The Sabbath commandment, Jesus’ discipline of taking time away to connect with the Father, and a growing mountain of research on productivity point to the need for regular rest and rhythms of renewal.

Unfortunately, in our 24-7 world where busyness is often worn as a badge of honor, many people sacrifice rest and self-care. The costs are significant – the sleep deficit alone reduces efficiency, impairs judgment, diminishes creativity, clouds thinking and increases susceptibility to illness and disease. Continue Reading