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The Importance of ‘Yes’

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Being Led More By Jesus

In this special 25th anniversary article, Arrow leader Stephanie Dyck shares her discoveries about what it means to ‘say yes to Jesus’. Maybe you know someone at a crossroads in life who could benefit from reading her story.

When I think of what it means to be led more by Jesus, I remember a few significant and often unexpected transitions in my life. Without ‘saying yes to Jesus’ at those moments in time, I would not be where I am today. Each encounter with Him at these kairos (opportune) moments brought me deeper into the unique purpose and plans that He has for me. Every time, He challenged me by asking, “Do you trust Me?”

Question Mark 2Two and a half years ago, I knew that I was at a crossroads. It seemed like everything I was reading in Scripture and all that I was hearing pointed to a big change in my life. It made no sense to me, and I had many good excuses, so I resisted moving forward for a season.

During a time that I set aside to seek His will on what I should do, I was reading about when God, in essence, asks the Israelites: How long will you refuse to listen, and continue to be a rebellious and stiff-necked people? (See Exodus 16:28; Deut. 31:27 & 32:9)  Continue Reading

Ten Percent More Friendly


Happy FaceLeading More To Jesus

You might not meet a friendlier guy than the Rev. Dr. David Overholt. In this special 25th anniversary article, Dave’s personality and gifting converge to emphasize our role in God’s mission to draw people to Himself. As you think of others who could benefit from the enthusiasm and simplicity of this article, please share it!

There are few times on this planet when we are allowed to pull back the curtain and see the supernatural work of God. None is more accessible that when God uses us to see more come to Jesus. No matter what your theological stripe, we all agree that God is drawing people to Himself. To be asked to participate in this love story is a deeply spiritual activity adding effervescence to our own faith. We may not see people come to faith all around us. However, we can easily have a part to play in people’s journeys. God uses something as simple as “asking for opportunities” and being “10% more friendly.” Continue Reading

Sid Koop – Arrow Story

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Arrow’s Vision is to see: Christian Leaders equipped to influence every sphere of society, impact every nation, and reach every person for Jesus. In celebrating Arrow Leadership’s 25th year, we’ve asked Arrow Leaders from class 1 to present to share their insights on “being led more by, leading more like and leading more to Jesus.”

In this video, Sid Koop, Executive Director of Truth Matters Minstries and Canadian Youth Workers Conferences, briefly shares how Arrow shaped him as a person and as a leader. Sid is an Arrow Leader from Class 25.

Thanks for watching; please post and share with others!

Steve Brown Sig Small
Dr. Steve A. Brown
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The Great Tension

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Leading More Like Jesus

This special 25th anniversary article, written by Arrow leader Kirk Giles, describes the tension of leading effective ministry and seeking first the Kingdom of God. Think about ways you could incorporate this resource into conversation with your board or leadership team, and share it with them.

As leaders, we believe in what we do – we believe that people will be in a better place if they experience our ministry. This belief drives us to do more, reach more, and be more effective. Every leader I have ever met has the passion and desire to grow the reach and impact of their ministry efforts and programs.

With this desire to accomplish more, there is a perceived need to hire more staff or get more volunteers, or raise more money. One day, we may wake up to the reality that we are leading a machine that needs to be constantly fed and maintained. Our focus may become how to make sure our organization or program survives, is maintained, or is taken to the next level of growth.

There is nothing inherently wrong with this reality, unless we have lost sight of what Jesus said we are truly to be seeking. Continue Reading

25 Years of Leadership Lessons

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25 Years of Leadership Lessons, A Reflection

A few weeks ago I had the honor and privilege to moderate a discussion titled, 25 Years of Leadership Lessons. I was joined by Dr. Leighton Ford, Dr. Carson Pue, and Dr. Steve Brown. These three men have given their lives to leadership development and to the advancement of Christ’s kingdom.

To be honest, moderating this discussion was a great challenge. These men have spent countless hours developing thousands of Christian leaders around the world. Their depth of insight and knowledge just flowed from every point that was made. There were many times I did not want to move the conversation forward due to the richness being shared. As each leader shared around three main topics, there was one reality that united each of their stories – these men exist for one reason alone: to advance the kingdom of Jesus!

Far too many leaders today are seeking to build their own empires. During this webinar, I had the chance to sit with three men that were centrally focused on advancing the kingdom of God. They were humble, gentle, and full of the Spirit of God. They sought no praise and, if praise came, they deflected it back to Jesus.

I am thankful for my time with these three leaders. I am thankful for this webinar and for many leaders who will be able to gain wisdom from these leaders reflecting on their 25 Years of Leadership Lessons.

May many more leaders seek to be led more by Jesus, lead more like Jesus, and lead more to Jesus because of this webinar.

Leadership Development Cogs - 2


You can read more about these leaders, former presidents and current president of Arrow Leadership, at our website. This webinar was hosted by Arrow Leadership in conjunction with its 25th Anniversary; you can listen to the Webinar here.


For Sharpening Leaders,

Taylor Williams, Director of Leader Engagement


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Teach Me To Abide

This special 25th anniversary article, written by Arrow leader Dr. Jody Cross, is a freeing reminder that being led more by Jesus is the true starting point for life and leadership. Who could you encourage by sharing this article?

Years ago I saw a sign on a car belonging to a Christian that said “Make it happen.” That phrase is appealing to Christian leaders. Many of us are driven and all of us want to make a difference in the world for Jesus. There are many times in my walk when I have tried to achieve and succeed in my own strength. I’d like to be powerful enough to make great things happen (that reminds me of Simon the Magician in Acts 8). This manner of living is really all about self-glory. Is it any wonder God in His mercy confronts the “make it happen-ness” in us? Continue Reading