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When Life Takes a Turn…

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One year ago, I answered a phone call no parent wants to receive: “your son is unconscious and being taken by ambulance to a trauma hospital.” Jason, almost 20, had left our home a few hours earlier to play in a rugby game. Our one-hour drive to the hospital was filled with silence and nervous…  Continue Reading »

A Lesson from the 5th Inning

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It was the 5th inning of Game Four of baseball’s 2015 American League Division Series. My beloved Toronto Blue Jays were up by five runs and the Texas Rangers had two outs. Though the score indicated the Jays were on their way to tying up the series, there was trouble in the air. The Rangers…  Continue Reading »

Two Key Words for Leaders

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Think back to when you were growing up. When a birthday or Christmas gift arrived from a family member or friend, did your mom or dad make you write a thank you letter? As a child, I loved receiving the gifts but I didn’t particularly like the discipline of saying thank you.  Now, I look…  Continue Reading »

Overcoming The Encouragement Deficit

There is an encouragement deficit in most workplaces. In their book, 12 The Elements of Great Managing, Gallup’s Wagner and Harter note: “In the perception of employees generally, praise is painfully absent from most companies and the workgroups within them.  Less than one in three employees can give a strongly positive answer to the statement,…  Continue Reading »

What’s Your RQ?

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Trouble is heading your way. There are no two ways about it. Jesus promised, “In this world you will have trouble.” (John 16:33) This trouble seems to only get magnified for Christian leaders. Follow the life of any leader in Scripture and you will find troubles, trials and temptations in abundance. The question isn’t if…  Continue Reading »

An Unforgettable Olympic Moment

It’s an unforgettable Olympic moment. At the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Great Britain’s Derek Redmond had advanced to the 400 meter semi-final. It had been four long years since an Achilles injury forced a last minute pull out from his heat at the Seoul Olympics. He endured multiple operations in his recovery and battled…  Continue Reading »