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So What’s Your Starting Place?

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(This month’s To The Point is an excerpt from Dr. Steve Brown’s upcoming spring 2015 book, Leading Me – Eight Practices for a Christian Leader’s Most Important Assignment) King David’s resume was pretty impressive. A gifted musician and poet. A bold and courageous warrior. A skilled strategist. A called, chosen and anointed leader. A man…  Continue Reading »

Three Big Bad Lies Leaders Need to Shatter

Being a leader can be lonely. If you are a leader, you know this and you’ve felt it too. You’ve felt it when you’ve walked into a room to deliver hard news. You’ve felt it waiting at the airport for a flight home after another trip away. You’ve felt it when you wanted to share more…  Continue Reading »

Fighting Fear

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Fear comes in all shapes and sizes. Heights, public speaking, snakes, spiders, the dark, flying and dying are all common fears.   We can all relate to the feeling, power and impact of fear. It’s a very common theme in the Bible.  Most of the ‘big names’ in God’s story struggled with fear. Even Paul, the great…  Continue Reading »