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Caring for the Soul of the Leader

| 25th Anniversary, To The Point | Comments Off on Caring for the Soul of the Leader

Led More By Jesus In this 25th anniversary article, Ingrid Davis states, “the most important thing we bring to leadership is ourselves” and that “true leadership begins on the inside of a leader.” The beginning of a New Year is an excellent time to reflect on who we are and who we are becoming. [This…  Continue Reading »

Victory Rests With…

| To The Point | Comments Off on Victory Rests With…

I recently came across one of my old journals.  Here is an excerpt from the last entry: “After Tuesday night’s deflating, confusing and frustrating meeting, I returned home very weary and emotionally fragile. Before heading to bed I looked in on each of the kids. They were sleeping soundly, seemingly without a care in the…  Continue Reading »

What Really Holds You Back?

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Dandelions. These yellow ‘flowers’ populate lawns each spring. Initially, it seems easiest to just run the lawnmower over top of them.  After all, they will disappear…for a day or two. But the dandelions will soon reappear in even greater force. The only way to truly eliminate dandelions is to get to the roots with a…  Continue Reading »