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6 Keys to Developing Others (from the Best Book I’ve Found)

When I’m asked to recommend resources on developing others, my first response often surprises people. My go-to book has been around a long time! It’s the Bible’s 1 Thessalonians. Written by the Apostle Paul around AD 52, this short letter powerfully illustrates Paul’s heart and practice in developing people. It’s simple, practical and profound. Here…  Continue Reading »

Feeling the Love? Discover Your True Valentine

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Experience our newest resource Who Am I? A Devotional Journey For You To Soar In Your Identity In Christ (Sharon Simmonds) with the following excerpt. Available for purchase here MY BROTHER LIKES TO TEASE ME ABOUT A TIME WHEN WE WERE CHILDREN. Our father was disciplining my brother for something he had done. I was…  Continue Reading »

An Unforgettable Olympic Moment

It’s an unforgettable Olympic moment. At the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Great Britain’s Derek Redmond had advanced to the 400 meter semi-final. It had been four long years since an Achilles injury forced a last minute pull out from his heat at the Seoul Olympics. He endured multiple operations in his recovery and battled…  Continue Reading »