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Leveraging Your Limitations

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If only we had more ______________________ then we could ________________________. If we had more funds then we could do more ministry. If we had more volunteers/leaders then we could have greater capacity. If we had more time then we could increase effectiveness. Sooner or later we all face constraints. These constraints are often circumstances beyond…  Continue Reading »

See Everything Through Jesus’ Heart

Led More By Jesus In this special 25th Anniversary article, Arrow leader Mark Buchanan, Class 10, writes about dwelling in Christ so deeply that you see everything through Jesus’ heart. Read Mark’s inspiring perspective and pass this story along for others to benefit from his unique view on this topic. I had an epiphany in…  Continue Reading »

Come, See Like Jesus

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Leading More Like Jesus “Come and you will see.” In this simple and brief invitation, Jesus unfurls a deeply important leadership principle that we, as leaders seeking to lead like Jesus, need to understand and implement. Effective leadership requires the ability to see – to not only have vision but even more importantly, to have perspective….  Continue Reading »

Mentoring Question – October 2014

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Ask: In five years from now, what would you want to say to yourself today?

4 Insights For Second Chair Leaders

These four quick tips will help you maintain perspective and a healthy attitude if you sit in the second leadership chair. 1. Second Chair Isn’t Second Class We seem to be conditioned to think that first chair leadership is better or more worthy than second chair leadership. This simply isn’t true. For starters, not everyone…  Continue Reading »

The Power of Thankfulness

I was having lunch with a friend of Arrow a few months ago. In my new role as President of Arrow in Canada, I have been inviting input to guide my leadership so I asked for his advice as I start this new role. His response surprised me – “Be thankful.”Photo Credit: Anders.Bachmann via Flikr…  Continue Reading »

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