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Mentoring Question – April 2013

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Ask: What are your “big rocks” for this next season?

Numbering Our Days Aright in 2013

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Imagine learning that you would be leaving your current leadership role in three years. Set aside for a moment whether that is happy or sad news. With that departure date looming, how would you invest your time moving forward? Like all good questions, this one requires careful reflection. It not only forces you to identify…  Continue Reading »

What’s Your One Degree?

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One degree can make a big difference – especially over time. Imagine your next flight. What if the navigator plotted a course that was off by one degree? Aviators will tell you that for every one degree traveled off course for 60 miles, the plane will land 1 mile off the intended destination.   So,…  Continue Reading »

Overcoming Squirrels & Other Distractions

“Squirrel!” If you’ve seen the Academy Award-winning animated movie “Up”, you’ve watched “Dug” the talking dog and his talking dog colleagues get immediately and completely distracted by the sight or sound of squirrels. It doesn’t matter what they are doing, Dug and his companions get sight of a squirrel and everything momentarily stops. In some…  Continue Reading »