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Gossip the Gospel

| 25th Anniversary, General Leadership, To The Point | Comments Off on Gossip the Gospel

Lead more to Jesus In this 25th anniversary article, Bill Hogg (Arrow Class 11) gives us a charge to do the work of an evangelist and he provides practical suggestions for all of us to be engaged in proclaiming good news amongst pre-Christians, skeptics and explorers. Share this article with people in your leadership sphere…  Continue Reading »

Communicating in a World of Secular Spirituality

Leading More To Jesus In this special 25th anniversary article, Merv Budd (Arrow Class 9) observes that many Christians have become largely unconversant in the lingua franca of secular spirituality – in other words, not knowing how to have spiritual conversations with our neighbours and friends. Read his insights, interact with the questions, and practice speaking in…  Continue Reading »

She’s Not Optional

For several decades Dr. Eddie Gibbs studied veraciously, wrote extensively and taught widely on the Church. A few years ago, Eddie made a brief sidebar comment to a class of the Arrow Leadership Program. I hope I never forget it. In talking about the Church, he said, “She’s not optional.” Those three words are prophetic…  Continue Reading »

Grow Your Mentoring Relationship

| Mentoring Questions | Comments Off on Grow Your Mentoring Relationship

Ask: What could we do to take our time together to the next level? Why: This simple check-in question provides an intentional opportunity for the mentee and mentor to reflect and evaluate the mentoring relationship and meetings. It gives both participants the chance to provide and receive some feedback with the goal of growing and…  Continue Reading »