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Don’t Miss the Forest for the Trees!

| General Leadership, To The Point | Comments Off on Don’t Miss the Forest for the Trees!

Have you ever missed the proverbial forest for the trees? It’s easy to do. We can get so caught up in the moment, the emotion, the complexity, the idea or the details that we lose the broader perspective of what’s really important. This is a very real hazard in my leadership. As an organizational leader…  Continue Reading »

Come, See Like Jesus

| 25th Anniversary, General Leadership, To The Point | Comments Off on Come, See Like Jesus

Leading More Like Jesus “Come and you will see.” In this simple and brief invitation, Jesus unfurls a deeply important leadership principle that we, as leaders seeking to lead like Jesus, need to understand and implement. Effective leadership requires the ability to see – to not only have vision but even more importantly, to have perspective….  Continue Reading »

Transforming Vision

| To The Point | Comments Off on Transforming Vision

What do you think of when you hear the word “vision”? Maybe you think about your eyesight? A mystical message from God? As a Christian leader you likely quickly begin to think about the future. Questions come to mind like: Where are you heading and leading? What God’s preferred future for His people or this…  Continue Reading »

Two Overlooked Meeting Maximizers

Meetings matter. The costs (time and money) are sizable.  The potential significant. For leaders, there is only one thing worse than being part of a bad meeting – leading one. Since meetings are a primary platform for moving ministries and organizations forward, leaders need to be highly skilled at the art of leading them. With…  Continue Reading »